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In the woods located along the Apennine woods, which fall in the towns of Albareto, Borgotaro and Pontremoli, mushroom gathering is a custom passed down through many centuries. Borgotaro mushroom, by tradition and local commerce, is meant as the 4 species of porcini mushrooms: “boletus edulis”, “boletus aereus”, "boletus aestivalis” and “boletus pinicola”. It is still today characterized by a fragrant aroma and a clean scent, not spicy, and free of inferences of hay, licorice or fresh wood, characteristics of quality and merit that differentiate it from similar productions from other areas.

The Porcino of Borgotaro is a natural product of superior quality. Distinguished by the I.G.P. (Indicazione Geografica Protetta - Protected Geographic Indication) since 1993 and protected by a committee of the same name, it grows in copse woods of Val Taro. Its botanic name, known by all, is BOLETUS EDULIS, progenitor of the Edules Group (Genus BOLETUS sec. BOLETUS). Porcini mushrooms are gathered in the most suitable season, the end of summer - autumn, is dried or used fresh, and plays a part of all traditional mountain menus. Despite the fact that valley-dwellers are very jealous of their Porcino, the aroma of the Borgotarese mushroom has crossed the borders: today it is one of Parma's most famous and appreciated typical products.

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From appetizers to second courses, famous chefs seek to have trying to bring the Porcino mushroom to each dish, with exquisite variations of themes dear to mountain tradition.  In oil, fried, grilled, raw thin slices, mixed together with flakes of Parmigiano-Reggiano…and then in a sauce for tagliatelle, with tortelli and potato gnocchi…

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A white color and intense aroma are the characteristics of the mushroom from the Valtaro

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